Soooo, we have some news....Granarlo is Closing!!
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as we are swamped with last minute requests. Thank you!

Why Closing?


Our family granola business is shutting it's doors for a couple of years while we take another job opportunity in Europe! We feel we can't pass up this opportunity and hope to return to baking more of your favorite granola when we return!


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Keep It Clean

Organic Ingredients, No Refined Sugars


Gran-What Now?

Why that's a fantastic question. Here's how it goes.


While living on the north shore of Oahu, our 10 yr old son, Arlo, made a goal to get himself to basketball camp on "the Mainland". We worked together and experimented with some granola recipes and came up with a dynamite coconut almond version that had friends and family coming back for more. Arlo made it to camp that year and the next two years thanks to his new yearly "Gran-arlo" (as friends jokingly called it) gig.

Something happened over those few years to that tall, thin, redheaded boy. He not only traded his surfboard for a mountain bike as we moved from our ocean paradise to our mountain equivalent, but he also reaped the benefits of work. He went from an inexperienced baker, unsure of measurements and baking techniques, to a confident entrepreneur. Mom saw it and Mom liked it! And then an idea came. “Arlo, what if you and I learned how to start a business?” 

And so the story goes. Arlo helped get things started and the whole family continues to pitch in, baking and bagging and shipping and delivering. 

We feel proud of what we've created - a clean, delicious granola made from organic ingredients, one batch at a time. We think it's quite possibly the tastiest granola you will ever experience and we cannot wait for you to try it!

Cheers, Love, and Aloha

The Child Family